How to make press brake dies

How to make press brake dies

Press brake dies are a tool used by the bending machines to form sheet metal for simple and complex bends.  we can make the homemade press brake dies for Amada, Promecam, and Trumpf models with custom designs.


Press Brake Dies Working Principle:

This press brake tooling dies consists of brake Punch, Dies, and Press brake tool Holders. It uses a tool clamping system to connect quality press brake and custom Brake Dies. Then, the press brake punch forces the metal sheet plate into the die for desired shapes. It forms Pre-bends by clamping the work-piece between the matching bottom and upper dies.

Press Brake Dies Material:

What does the press brake dies made of? Normally we use tools steel, alloy, and polymer materials for press brake die, T8 steel, T10 steel, 42CrMo, and Cr12MoV.

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Specific press brake Dies design:

We offer a wide range of press brake tooling types to meet your needs. It includes an American standard, European, & Wilson press brake tool. and we also diy press brake dies for special forming dies.

Multi-Vee Dies:  Various V opening sizes for different materials,  4 way press brake dies

Punch: 30 /85/88/90 degree, straight punch, or gooseneck punch

Press Brake Die rack, Die holders

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DIY Press Brake Dies Process

The manufacturing process on production line includes below for homemade press brake dies as your desired shapes and bending angle

  • Round bar material blanking
  • Forging to fit the required size
  • Tempering
  • Milling End face
  • Rough planed notch or cutting edge
  • Heat treatment
  • Tempering
  • Fine milling
  • Fine grinding
  • Acceptance accuracy and hardness
  • Packing


We make Press Brake Dies Shipment To Valparaiso, Chile:

3 Packages,  309Kgs , 0.11 CBM

Vessel: CORCOVADO 2224E                  Container:TLLU7003332/CND952478

It is convenient for making press brake dies, and DIY metal brake dies with custom applications quickly, easily, and cheaply. Contact us for the homemade press brake dies catalogue.

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