Shearing Machine is a machine that uses blades to cut sheet metal plates, we offer CNC,NC hydraulic shear, including swing beam shear and guillotine shear. The sheet shearing machines are used in fabrication shops to cut material and plate to size and can produce clean, straight edges and angles. The metal shear machine can be manual or powered by hydraulic, CNC, or electric systems . It has a wide range of cutting sizes and materials for mild steel and stainless. It works with high precision and more safety.


What is shearing machine working principle?

The sheet metal shearing machine consists of a frame, working holder, shear blades, and back gauge. The metal shearing machine works by applying a shear force to the material, which causes it to yield and ultimately fracture along the line of cut. the shear operations are performed by the action of two blades with a straight cut or circular arc. First, the shearing machine uses a working holder to clamp the sheet plate, then, The upper blade moves down and applies force to the material, which is then cut by the shearing action of the blades.  It can break sheet metal plates into required lengths with a fixed cutting angle. The blade gap can be adjustable according to the wide variety of material thicknesses.

What are metal shear machine's advantages & applications?

The shear cutting machine adopts lasted technology and high performance for shearing process. Our stable and robust metal plate shearing machines feather all-welded structures for top-quality cutting. with one top blade and a lower die included. the standard square arms are included. We offer the shearing solution for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. As one of the top cut-off (shearing) device suppliers, If you need an automatic, mechanical shear, or hydraulic shear machine, please contact us for more solutions today.

Standard Configuration

Controller- Estun E21S DA310

Rexroth Valve

Gear Pump- US Sunny

Seal Rings- US Parker


Tube Fitting-EMB Germany

Frequence Converter :JRACDRIVE

Back Gauge-Ball screw

Standard Blade or custom Blade replacements

Sheet Shearing machine Catalogue

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    Hydraulic Shearing Machine for sale

    Model Cutting Thickness Max. Cutting Length Cutter Blade Length Cutting Angle Stroke Numbers
    X-axis Backgauge Working Height Power L*W*H(mm) Weight
    QC12Y-4*2500 4mm 2500mm 2600mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 5.5KW 1850*1650*1850 4.1Ton
    QC12Y-4*3200 4mm 3200mm 3300mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 5.5KW 2850*1650*1850 3.8Ton
    QC12Y-4*4000 4mm 4000mm 4100mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 5.5KW 2850*1750*1850 5Ton
    QC12Y-4*6000 4mm 6000mm 6100mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 7.5KW 3550*1750*1850 5.5Ton
    QC12Y-6*2500 6mm 2500mm 2600mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 7.5KW 2850*1750*1880 5.85Ton
    QC12Y-6*3200 6mm 3200mm 3300mm 1°30 8-14 550mm 800mm 7.5KW 3650*1850*1880 6.5Ton
    QC12Y-6*4000 6mm 4000mm 4100mm 1°30 10 550mm 800mm 7.5KW 4650*1850*1880 7.8Ton
    QC12Y-6*6000 6mm 6000mm 6100mm 1°30 10 550mm 800mm 11KW 6450*1850*1880 18Ton
    QC12Y-8*2500 8mm 2500mm 2600mm 1°30 14 550mm 900mm 7.5KW 2850*1750*1950 7.2Ton
    QC12Y-8*3200 8mm 3200mm 3300mm 1°30 14 550mm 900mm 7.5KW 3650*1750*1950 8Ton
    QC12Y-8*4000 8mm 4000mm 4100mm 1°30 14 550mm 900mm 11KW 4650*1750*1950 9.5Ton
    QC12Y-8*6000 8mm 6000mm 6100mm 1°30 14 550mm 900mm 15KW 6450*1750*1950 18.5Ton
    QC12Y-12*2500 12mm 2500mm 2600mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 11KW 2850*1750*2050 10.3Ton
    QC12Y-12*3200 12mm 3200mm 3300mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 11KW 3650*1750*2050 11.2Ton
    QC12Y-12*4000 12mm 4000mm 4100mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 11KW 4650*1750*2050 13Ton
    QC12Y-12*6000 12mm 6000mm 6100mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 15KW 6450*1750*2050 25.5Ton
    QC12Y-16*2500 16mm 2500mm 2600mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 11KW 2850*1750*2150 12Ton
    QC12Y-16*3200 16mm 3200mm 3300mm 1°30 14 550mm 1000mm 15KW 3650*1750*2150 12.5Ton

    How It Works?

    Metal Shearing Machine Advantages

    The steel sheet Shear machine makes perfect cuts for high production facilities and offers custom knives parts of shearing machine

    Straight Line Cuts without deformation

    Apply for aluminum, Stainless, and mild (low carbon) steel.

    Cost effective for high output, Less waste

    Industrial Shearing Machine Applications

    Strips cutting


    Sheet Plates

    sheet cuts

    Metal Lader

    Press Brake bending Profile

    Shear Machine Processing Equipment

    JSTMT has been in Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry since 1985. with precise processing equipment: Multi-task Machine centers, Boring & Milling machines, and lathes facilities, It delivers high-quality and reliable press brakes, sheet metal shear Machines, and Tools.


    FAQ- Frequently asked questions

    The hydraulic steel shearing machine has 3 types: CNC shearing machine(Automatic Shearing machine), NC hydraulic shearing machine, and manual metal shearing machine(mechanical machining shears).

    or we can classify it as a Swing beam shearing machine Guillotine shearing machine, and sheet shearing machine parts.

    The sheet metal shearing machines are used in the metalworking industry. Shearing in sheet metal is performed by cutting through a piece of sheet metal with a blade that's most often affixed to a tool or machine.

    Cutting Action:

    Swing Beam Shear moves with the upper blade in a circular arc. The sheet metal is placed on the stationary lower blade, and the swinging motion of the upper blade cuts through the material. It has two side cutting edges.

    SwingBeam Shear blade design

    Guillotine shear makes straight cuts, the upper blade moves up and down uprightly and the bottom blade is fixed on the worktable. The sheet metal is positioned between the blades, and the downward movement of the upper blade cuts through the material. It has four side cutting edges.

    Guillotine-shear blade design
    Cutting Angle:

    Swing Beam Shear: The swing beam shear's cutting angle is fixed. This means that the angle at which the upper blade swings remains constant during the cutting process.

    Guillotine Shear machine: Guillotine machine shears can have an adjustable cutting angle. This allows for greater flexibility in cutting different materials and achieving specific cutting requirements.


    Cutting Accuracy:

    Swing Beam Shear: Swing beam shears generally provide higher cutting accuracy due to their swing beam design. The swinging action helps distribute the cutting force evenly, resulting in clean and precise cuts.
    Guillotine Shear: Guillotine shears also offer good cutting accuracy, but they may not be as precise as swing beam shears, especially when cutting thicker or heavier materials.

    The tensile strength of an Industrial shearing machine be defined as the maximum stress that a material can bear before breaking when it is allowed to be stretched or pulled.

    Physical Properties             Metric                                           English
    Machinability                          18.0 - 65.0 %                                 18.0 - 65.0 %
    Shear Modulus                       62.1 - 86.5 GPa                             9000 - 12600 ksi
    Shear Strength                       74.5 - 597 MPa                             10800 - 86600 psi
    Izod Impact                            16.3 - 208 J                                    12.0 - 153 ft-lb

    Hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of machine that uses a moving upper blade and fixed lower blade to apply a shear force to metal plates of various thicknesses by using reasonable blade clearance. so as to break and separate the plates according to the required size.

    The hydraulic Shearing machine is powered by a hydraulic system. The force from the hydraulic system puts the desired material against the steel plate. The cut is controlled by a squaring arm that allows a sheet of metal to be placed in a precise location. Shearing is performed by cutting through a piece of sheet metal with a blade that's most often affixed to a tool or machine.

    First of all, know well the type of hydraulic plate shears you use: swing beam shear or guillotine type. The operation of hydraulic guillotine shears is relatively simple. You can add nitrogen as long as the relevant operation button pressed.
    Secondly, check the nitrogen cylinder used: whether the nitrogen is full.
    Thirdly, check the pressure gauge on the steel metal shearing machine: check whether turn the switch of the metal shear machinery. If not, check if the switch is blocked. This is also the key to adding nitrogen successfully.
    Finally, there is another situation: the cuter tool holder on the plate shears has not been put up yet. At this time, you need to check the main cylinder of the steel cutter: stuck or not. If stuck, it’s useless to flush more nitrogen.


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