Hydraulic Ironworker is a hydraulic powered tool for metal fabrication, It has a wide range of hydraulic iron work machines from 50 tons to 200 tons. The Ironworker machine uses for shearing, cutting, notching, and punching. It has a quick change ping nut & sleeve, scale square arm, gauging table with stops, safety guards. The ironworker metal shear and punch has full pressure working speed with low noise. It is the best Hydraulic ironworker machine to create efficiency for precise cuts, and holes.


How is Iron work machine works?

Ironworker punch press is widely used in bridge structural ornamental and reinforcing. The Hydraulic Iron work machine consists of a frame, cylinder, and driven device and electric foot pedal. The hydraulic system uses a pump to change prime mechanical power to liquid pressure. And it transfers this force by the valves and pipes fitting. Meanwhile, the cylinder converts the compression force to a lifting mechanical force. So it can activate the punching stations to achieve the movement. You can change the ironworker shear blades to your needs.

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Hydraulic Ironworker Press has a welded steel structure iron for high strength on large projects. It has multi-purpose work stations for a dual operator to shear, notch, bend, cut, and punch holes. also, The 5 independent station designs can make sure work without interruption. It has a centralized lubrication system with union members. This punching machine Q35Y series includes full sets of punches and dies. It is precise and safe work and easy maintenance. If you are not sure what is the best tonnage capable, please call our hotline for the best ironworker machine price.

Iron work Machine Standard Configuration

Hydraulic Valve-Taiwan / Joined brand

Motor-Jiangsu Dazhong Famous brand

Seal ring-Japan

Oil Pump-China Famous

Electrical component-Schneider

Option : Two cylinder working same time without interference

Option: Hydraulic Cooling system

Hydraulic Ironworker Catalogue

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    Vave unit

    Valve Blocks

    Hydraulic Valves -China-UK joint brand


    Stable quality for Electricals with Schneider assurance.

    round punch tools reference-26

    Ironworker Tooling

    Ironworker punch with Round, square, rectangular, oval punches and dies

    Special type of the ironworker toolings

    Bending tools/Clover tools
    Ironworker tools-7

    Hydraulic Ironworker Machine for sale

    Model Q35Y-16 Q35Y-20 Q35Y-25 Q35Y-30 Q35Y-40
    Punch Force 660KN 900KN 1200KN 1600KN 2000KN
    Punch Capacity Φ 25x16 Φ 30x20 Φ30x25 Φ 35x30 Φ 38x35
    Throat Depth 300 355 406 600 700
    Max Stroke Length 80 80 80 80 80
    Times per stroke
    20 20 20 20 20
    Punch Table height 940 1010 1100 1250 1300
    Section Cutting

    Square Bar Shear 40x40 50x50 50x50 55x55 60x60
    Round Bar Shear Φ 45 Φ 50 Φ 60 Φ 65 Φ 70
    Channel Shear 120 160 200 280 320
    H Beam Shear 120 160 200 280 320
    Equal Angle at 90 125x12 140x12 160x14 180x16 200x16
    Section Table Height 1150 1220 1300 1410 1450
    Rectangular Notcher
    80x100x8 80x100x10 80x100x10 80x100x10 80x100x10
    Notching Table Height 900 900 910 1040 1040
    Flat shearing

    Max width of Shear 400x8 480x10 600x16 600x20 700x25
    Max Thickness of shear 250x16 330x20 330x25 355x30 450x35
    Flat shearing height 900 900 910 1030 1030
    Motor Power 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 15KW
    Tensile Strength 450N/mm2 450N/mm2 450N/mm2 450N/mm2 450N/mm2
    Oil Volume 60L 80L 120L 210L 250L
    Outline Size(LxWxH) 1640x730x1770 1860x900x1900 2355x960x2090 2690x1040x2300 2900x1200x2450
    Weight 1700kg 2300kg 4300kg 6800kg 9500kg

    How it Works

    Ironworker Metal Shear Advantages

    The Dual operation Ironworker machine has multiple work stations for rod shear, angle shear, bending, and notcher. The Tonnage Capacity is from 60ton -120ton.

    Combined Shear, Notch, Bending and punch holes in sheet plate

    Customized Ironworker tools

    Applications of Ironworker Equipment



    Shutter Forming




    FAQ- Frequently asked questions about Ironworker Metal Shear

    Hydraulic Ironworker is a hydraulic powered tool for industrial metal fabrication, It integrates multiple functions such as metal cutting, punching, flat bar, angle shearing, and bending.  and It has a wide range of iron work machines for sale with capacity from 50 tons to 200 tons. It is a powerful and efficient machine used in metalworking shops and fabrication plants. such as bridge structural ornamental for reinforcing, structural, and ornamental.

    There are two types of Iron work machines:  Hydraulic ironworker machine, and Mechanical ironworker machine for sale in the metal industry.

    The Hydraulic ironworker press is driven by the hydraulic power from the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic punching and shearing machine uses the cylinder stroke to complete a straight up and down movement, with minimal inertia and can have the function of shallow stretching.

    • The hydraulic punching and shearing machinecan work with multi cylinders together with a bigger tonnage capacity.
    • The Hydraulic Ironworker used for shearing large equipment.
    • and the max cutting thickness can be 25 mm or more.

    The Mechanical ironworker shear is driven by the belt pulley to synchronize with the gear through the shaft. It uses the crankshaft to make the slider move up and down to convert the curve movement into a linear movement.

    •  Large inertia, fast movement speed, and improved productivity
    • Mechanical punching and shearing machines are not suitable to produce large tonnage due to the strength limitation of parts.

    The Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is used for shearing, punching, notching, and bending various types of metal plates, bars, and profiles.

    • The hydraulic ironworker metal shear uses hydraulic power to apply force to the metalwork.
    • The shearing station of the hydraulic ironworker machine is used to cut metal plates and bars to a desired length or shape.
    • The punching station is used to punch holes of various sizes and shapes in the metalwork.
    • The notching station is used to create V-shaped notches or holes in the metalwork, while the bending station is used to bend metal plates and bars to a desired angle or shape.

    The hydraulic iron work machine can be used to process a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. It is a versatile tool that can handle a range of applications, from small-scale metalworking to heavy-duty industrial production.


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