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  • CNC Press Brake, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Press Brake Dies Tooling
  • One stop Custom Solutions to solve common and complex forming parts problems.


Sheet Metal Machinery & Tools Manufacturers

JSTMT is a leading Sheet Metal Machinery & Tools Manufacturers in China, offers Press Brake Machine, Press Brake Tools, Sheet Pressing machines, services and software solutions. It’s used to cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into various shapes and sizes. JSTMT provides one stop solutions for common and complex forming parts.


What is the vision of JSTMT? we are committed to providing machine requires, part design, tool parts supplies, and software solutions. Our goal is to make JSTMT one of the top press brake manufacturers. and our sheet metal tools can help to make more value for the bends with efficiency, and productivity.


The CNC retrofit control helps to improve brakes shears with precise cut bends. The type of products includes hydraulic CNC press brake machines, shear, power brake dies, and tooling sheets.  It can provide the latest solution for our common & CNC sheet metal machines, and hydraulic press brake dies.


Our company’s conception is to remain competitive in today’s market with our constant quality and reliable service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Welcome to contact for CNC steel brake machines and metal brake tools for solutions.

Service and support

Integrated R&D, advanced press brake bending technology

Tonnage force and bending process, Installation and Maintainance

Easy to operate with CNC retrofit control

Spare part service, worldwide support and solutions


Sheet metal bending machine for sale

    • Bending Solutions for sheet metal brake machines, Overseas Installation & maintenance, online support.
    • Quality steel construction, Custom package, and skilled container loading technology.


    Contact us today and our customer service team will assist you!

    As a Professional Metal Machinery Supplier, we ensure metal brake machine operation properly for hole cutters & gauge system

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    Why Us

    Metal fabrication Machinery

    Top 10 metal machinery supplier as Manufacturing companies

    Advanced Bending Technology

    Cutting and Bending Machines with high Efficiency, Productivity, Automation

    Custom Solution and Service

    Customized Products & Solutions, Spare Part Service, and Installation

    Wolrdwide service

    Global transport & shipments , worldwide agent , after-sale life supported

    Happy Clients

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      We are a manufacturer of sheet metal machinery and tool parts in China

      Yes, we arrange factory inspection and machine checking as customers require.

      Yes, we can provide customized machines and spare parts service, such as press brake tooling, and cutting blades with standard or custom applications. We also provide solutions if customers have any problems during the usage.

      Yes, we can offer free installation and training in our workshop. as per the customer’s requirements, we can send technicians to the customers’ locations for installation, commissioning, training at clients’ cost.

      For a single machine, It will need 1-2 employees; for the production line, It will need 5-8 employees or more.

      We can arrange the shipment to the destination port as the customer designated, including EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF Basic. and we offer shipment solutions including Custom, certificates, all paper works to smooth for customers.

      It will be 20-25 days for the machine and tools.

      Warranty time is 12 months since exporting date, not including improper operation mistakes. Easy broken Spare parts by frequency of use.

      30%T/T advance for Machine,50% or 100% for Tools.

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