CNC Punch press Tooling is used for sheet metal Stamping die manufacturing, It includes Thick Turret, Wiedemann, Trumpf style, Amada turret punch press tooling. It offers the most comprehensive standard and special shapes. The style punch press die sets have a long & short structure for various material thicknesses.  Turret punch forming machine is a high speed, fast way to make holes for sheet metal.


CNC turret Punch press tooling with standard and forming designs

CNC Turret punching machines have a rotating turret that holds various punching tools, such as round punches, square punches, and custom-shaped tools. This turret can quickly index to select the appropriate tool for a specific punching operation.

It can make multi-holes in a wide variety of different diameters in one punch stroke. The CNC turret Punch tooling includes stamping die punches, strippers, dies, Guides, etc. It uses a custom punch to push a piece of metal to create a hole. and a die on the other side of the hole to contain the metal. If punches and die aren't aligned for round-hole, the tool life and machine life will suffer.

Punch Press Parts - Turret punch press manufacturers

CNC punch press dies include precise stamping punch and die & other press molds. we offer thick turret tooling & Thin turret Trumpf style tooling, Wilson tools, and cluster multi tools. AMADA Turret punch press tooling ensures high quality tool steel and cost effective products. Book a precise tool for your servo-electric or heavy-duty turret punching machine? as one of the stamping press dies manufacturers in china, you can contact us for thick and thin steel custom fabrication.

How It Works?


The Turret punch tooling is suited for a wide range of different applications.

Adjustable height ,speed ,stroke.

Built-in overload protection

Simple Structure and pneumatic innovation.

Lower tool costs


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FAQ- Frequently asked questions

The Press machines include Hydraulic Press, Power Press, and heat press machines. It used for forming metal parts by applying the following processes: shearing, blanking, forming, drawing, bending, forging, coining, upsetting, flanging, squeezing, and hammering.

The Tonnage Formula is the pressure required in tons to cut a blank or contour using a flat faced punch with no shear. Tonnages can be calculated for forming, bending, cutting, drawing, and blanking operations. Having the ability to calculate the tonnages for a sheet metal project is vital for the completion and success of your project.

T = P x Th x C

T = Pressure required in tons

P = Perimeter of blank in inches

Th = Thickness of material

C = Constant (see common ones below)

Constant = The material shear strength/2000 pounds

.050 CR Steel, 1/2 Hd; Cutting edge of 12 linear inches T

= 12 x .050 x 32

T = 20 tons required

Aluminum- Soft-11


Steel- HR/Cold Rolled-27

1/2 Hard-32

Stainless Steel- Annealed-37

1/2 Hard-50

4130 AQ - 40

Brass- 1/2 Hard-22


A mechanical press machine is a widely used metal forming machine tool. It is designed to form or cut metal by applying mechanical force or pressure. With the help of a press, you can form any desired shape of metal without removing chips. The press is specially used for mass production. The main advantage of using these types of mechanical presses is that they are the fastest and most effective method of forming any sheet metal into the final product.

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