Manual Lathe Machine

Manual Lathe machine is a manually operated cutting tool that rotates workpiece to desired shapes in the metal working industry. It has a wide variety of manual lathes including Engine, Special, and Turret Lathes. The machine metal lathe is used for the shaping, cutting, drilling, and turning of cylindrical workpieces, such as screw threads, tapered work, and drilled holes. The conventional lathe is easy to operate, efficient, and productive for Multi tasks.

How to operate a lathe machine?
Manual lathe machines are controlled by hand, They perform various operations to give the desired shape and size. the conventional lathes include headstocks, beds, tailstocks, carriage Toolposts, and spindles. The operator manually controls the movement of cutting tools to shape the workpiece. To operate a manual lathe mc, the operator usually clamps the workpiece between the spindle box and the center of the tailstock. The cutting tool is then brought into contact with the workpiece using the toolpost and carriage. The desired shape and dimensions can be achieved by rotating the handwheels and manually manipulating the cutting tool’s position. The lathe machine operation process includes turning, boring, drilling, threading, and taper turning. All the methods are basic turning operations. A manual lathe operator requires skill and experience to operate effectively. Various tools and orientation of the tool are for a wide desired shape.


Precision Lathes for Any Application
JSTMT is one of the largest suppliers of manual lathes to the metalworking industry. We provide a complete set of large spindle bores for economical, precision, and heavy-duty manual lathes. The Manual lathe mc adopts a full solid cast iron machine base for maximum rigidity & a front pull out chip tray for easy maintenance. These headstock gears are made of alloy steel and hardened precision ground for smooth running. The spindle has 3 points supported by precision bearings. It can ensure long-lasting cutting stability. The spindle box adopts a closed design and is lubricated with oil. The gearbox provides both inch and metric thread capacities.


Manual Lathe mc Standard Accessories

3-jaw chuck - 1 set

3-jaw chuck base - 1pcs

Special wrenche - 1 set

Steady Rest - 1 set

Follow Rest - 1 set

Face Plate - 1 pcs

4-Jaw chuck - 1 set

Foot Brake with adapting Flange - 1 set

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    How does the Lathe MC work?

    Manual Lathe Machine Advantages

    Metal Lathe machines are used in woodworking, metalworking, metal spinning, manual lathe parts reclamation, and glass-working.

    Less cost for small complex parts and lower budget operations

    Stable Quality with high precison & accuracy

    Affordable prices with less maintenance costs

    Application of lathe machine machine parts

    Metal spinning

    lathe parts

    Metal Parts


    Hard turning

    CNC-lathe parts-2

    Mechanical Processing Equipment

    JSTMT has been in the Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry since 1985. we have strong mechanical processing equipment: Multi-task Machine centers, Boring & Milling machines, and lathes facilities, which deliver high-quality and reliable press brakes, shears,  and CNC and manual lathe Machines.

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    FAQ- Frequently asked questions

    A manual lathe is a type of machine tool used in machining operations to cut various materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, into desired shapes or sizes. Manual lathes have been a fundamental tool(mother of all machines) in the field of machining and manufacturing for centuries.

    How to work a lathe machine? The manual Lathe mc works on the principle of rotating the workpiece with a fixed cutting tool.

    The lathe manual machine operates by rotating the workpiece against a cutting tool that is controlled by the machinist. The workpiece is held between two rigid and strong supports called a center in a chuck or in a faceplate that revolves. Lathe removes the undesired material from a rotating workpiece in the form of chips with the help of a tool that is transverse across the work and can be fed deep in the work.

    The main function of the lathe is to remove the metal from a job to give it the required shape and size.

    A lathe mc is a machining tool that is used for shaping metal or woodworking. The main use of the hand lathe is to remove unwanted parts of the material, leaving behind a nicely shaped workpiece. A conventional lathe mc is used for the following operations:

    • Turning
    • Facing
    • Grooving
    • key-way cutting
    • Grinding
    • Thread cutting
    • Taper turning
    • Drilling
    • Knurling
    • polishing
    • Milling

    Lathe machine machining is a process that uses a lathe to precisely machine hard materials by rotating a workpiece on its axis and applying tools to it.

    The main difference between manual lathes and CNC lathe machine machining is accuracy and time consumption.

    CNC Lathe machine machining advantage:

    The accuracy is very high in the case of CNC lathes compared to Normal Machining lathes.

    • The machining in the lathe and CNC lathe was very fast.
    • Fewer machine operators
    • It reduces errors from the manufacturing process and eliminates unnecessary waste.

    Manual lathe Machine advantages:

    • Relatively Affordable Cost-effectiveness
    • Versatile and can perform a wide range of lathe machine machining operations
    • Flexibility and Adjustability. Variable speed can easily adjust, feed rate, depth of cut, and tool position according to the specific requirements of the workpiece.
    • Easy to maintain and repair


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