Influencing Factors on CNC Lathe Machining Accuracy and Strategies

Influencing Factors on CNC Lathe Machining Accuracy and Strategies



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Influencing Factors on CNC Lathe Machining Accuracy and Strategies? As advanced processing equipment, CNC lathe can bring enormous economic and social benefits in practical application. In the process of CNC lathe, the precision control of product quality is very important, especially the automation technology, which has new requirements for the processing accuracy of CNC lathe. Programming accuracy, servo accuracy, and interpolation accuracy are directly related to processing accuracy during the processing. In addition, CNC lathe can be affected by the environment, manufacturing, and materials, and other factors, if the construction deviation of the lathe can not be effectively controlled, will directly affect the quality and accuracy of parts processing, and need to be further improved.

Influencing Factors on CNC Lathe Machining Accuracy and Strategies


Working Principle of CNC Lathe

As a kind of Mechatronics product, CNC lathe integrates many modern technologies in practical application, which is helpful to improve the production efficiency and accuracy of processing. In general lathe parts processing, operators need to combine construction drawings to change the workpiece trajectory. In the new era, higher requirements are put forward for workpiece processing. In CNC lathe parts processing, it is necessary to fully grasp the process parameters and processing flow, compile the processing flow by CNC language, issue instructions to the servo system, and realize the automatic processing and manufacturing of parts.

The Influencing Factors of Machining Accuracy of CNC Lathe

In the process of CNC lathe processing, the influence factors are various, and the servo control method and accuracy will largely affect the accuracy of CNC lathe processing.

In terms of CNC lathe processing accuracy, the influencing factors mainly include the following aspects:

  • lathe geometric error;
  •  lathe geometric parameter error;
  • lathe thermal deformation error;
  •  servo feed system error; and tool wear error.

As far as the factors affecting the machining accuracy of these lathes, the errors of the servo feed system and geometric parameters of turning tools are common factors, which affect the processing quality of parts to a certain extent.

At present, the position of the CNC lathe is controlled by servo motor driving ball screws, and the transmission error of the ball screw is one of the main factors affecting the positioning accuracy of the CNC lathe.


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