What Should Be Done If the Operation of Hydraulic bender is not synchronous?

What Should Be Done If the Operation of Hydraulic bender is not synchronous?

Hydraulic benders are powerful tools that are used for bending sheet metals, and other objects. When used correctly, these machines can provide precise and accurate results for a variety of different applications.


However, if the operation of the hydraulic bender is not synchronous, Is there any way to overcome this?



Few steps should be taken to ensure the machine operates properly

Through inspection and analysis, it can be ascertained that the problem of asynchronism of hydraulic bender descent is piston cylinder, mainly because of internal leakage, and the leakage of left and right cylinders is not identical, which makes the two cylinders run asynchronism. But because the return speed of hydraulic bending machines is much faster than that of bending machines, there will be an asynchronism of equipment decline, which will affect the bending quality of products. Hydraulic bending performance can bend materials, while efficiency is often achieved, so it has been favored by more and more users.


In order to make the leakage of the two cylinders equal, on one hand, try to make the selection accuracy of the relevant parts keep the same, on the other hand, try to design the hydraulic circuit of the two cylinders as much as possible. In this case, it is possible to avoid the asynchronous descent of the hydraulic bender. That is to say, if we can control the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder of the bending machine and make it consistent, we can solve the problem.

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The first one is the effect of stamping die on the effect of the hydraulic bending machine. The next one is the algorithm and Realization of NC bending process planning. In conclusion, if the operation of a hydraulic bender is not synchronous, there are a few steps that should be taken to ensure that the machine is operating properly. These include checking the pressure level, making sure that all of the components are functioning properly, checking the hydraulic fluid, and ensuring that the machine is properly lubricated. By taking these steps, users of the machine can ensure that the machine is operating in peak condition and that the job is completed efficiently and accurately.

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