Metal Shear Blade for Sale

Metal Shear Blade for Sale

What is a Meal shear?

A shear blade is a rotary cutting tool for metal sheets, it is for foot operated Power squaring shears and guillotines with a 2 or 4-side straight rake blade design. It delivers accurate and clean cuts fast and safely with a range of sheet metal sizes.


The Hydraulic metal shear blades are a cost effective foot shear to crop the material for mild/carbon steel and stainless steel.


Replacements Metal Shear blade for sale

we manufacture standard metal shear blades and custom replacement metal cutting blades. we can make the industrial shear blades to your specifications.

Metal shear blade design


Shear blade Material:

Most sheet metal shear blades for metal fabrication are made from tool steel, with some being made from high chrome or high carbon steel.

We produce knives and blades from a variety of these materials designed for your application. Our metal cutting shear blades are made from high-quality steel H13, 9CrSi, D2, 6CrW2Si, and SKD11.


 What is shear blade sharpening?

The high chrome shear blade is tough and durable. The shear knife blades are made of special steel alloy, with full heat treated through the toughest conditions. The shear blade material can be 9CrSi, or 6CrW2Si. Our blades are available in two-edge, and four-cutting edges.


Guillotine type and Swing beam shear blade working principle

SwingBeam Shear blade design
Swing Beam Shear blade design
Guillotine-shear blade design
Guillotine-shear blade design













Replacement Metal shear blade shipment package

Shearing Blade Manufacturer: JSTMT

Custom metal shear blade for sale with size: 2790x60x13mm, 1100x100x25mm

metal shear blade for sale         Metal Shear Blade for Sale 1

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