How to Supply Trumpf Tooling?

How to Supply Trumpf Tooling?

What is Trumpf Tooling Trumpf tooling is a leading tool with advanced manufacturing technologies for Trumpf machines, including Trumpf punch tools and Trumpf bending tools. Supplying Trumpf tooling involves providing tools, equipment, or components that are compatible with Trumpf machines and systems. TRUMPF tools are widely used in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical technology.

How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? Check below our punch and bending solutions for the Trumpf tooling.



Supply Trumpf punch tooling

We offer all punching tooling solutions for the tooling system Trumpf Style which is used on punching machines, with high quality (punches, dies, guides, strippers, adapters, inserts).

Dies for Trumpf TC200 punching machine (RD27, SQ10, SQ15,RE16x55,RE30x55,RE3x12)

Trumpf Die Blades for Slitting, size: 5×76.2

How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? 1  How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? 2


Supply Trump Press brake tooling (Truben5130)

Trump offset punch and dies

Punches, drawing #OW210/S  Size: 176x60x1290mm

Drawing# EV Z4-6 90o, size: 120x30x600mm Drawing #OW/K Z4-6 size:156x20x600mm


How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? 3Supply trumpf tooling

One safety clicks

A spring loaded safety mechanism is integrated into the tool, which enables the tool change. The tool is simply clicked in and out of the machine clamp vertically. It has the advantage of shorting changeover times and tools can be naturally installed and removed horizontally.

Dies, Drawing#EV001/S 30o , Size: 120x20x1585mm

How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? 4  How to Supply Trumpf Tooling? 5


Trumpf troubleshooting

For mass production,  the Trumpf brand has high technical requirements, accuracy is necessary for all trump tooling.


Supply Trumpf Tooling shipment to Thailand

Trumpf press brake tooling, Package: 3 packages

Weight 122KGS                        Destination: Bangyai,Thailand

FedEx Tracking number# 7812 7885 8437, ETD July 24th, 2023

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