How Does the CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine Works

How Does the CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine Works

How does the CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine Works?  CNC bending machine for sheet metal is a kind of machine that can bend thin plates. Computer controlled CNC bending is a manufacturing process for CNC press brakes. The CNC sheet metal bender mainly includes a bracket, worktable, and clamping plate. The worktable is composed of a base and a pressing plate. The base is connected with a clamping plate through hinges.


In the field of CNC metal fabrication, the research of real-time intelligent control applies in many aspects. It includes adaptive control, trance control, neural network control, expert control, and feedforward control. The metal sheet plate can be made into a variety of work pieces. It can proceed with the side panel easily since the electro magnetic clamp adopts on CNC sheet metal bender.


The CNC sheet metal bending machines adopt a graphical interface

The control system can auto-adjust the works according to different production processes. The user interface is the dialogue interface between the system and users. The graphical user interface is suitable for all kinds of users including non-professional users. The bending sheet metal machine can be operated through Windows and Menu.



The CNC sheet bending machines can realize lots of functions

CNC Bending machine includes graphical simulation, graphical dynamic tracking, simulation, and rapid programming. Users can redevelop the system software of NC sheet metal bender according to their own needs. and the user’s scope of use is no longer restricted by the manufacturer. CNC sheet metal bending machine adopts a new generation of tooling design. It has a wider function and stronger reliability and can meet the needs of different users.

High Precision CNC sheet metal bending machine
Automatic Bending Machine for sheet metal











CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machines Work Steps:

  • Set pressure holding time, and horizontal stop distance, and adjust the position of the horizontal stop.
  • Set up CNC sheet metal bending machine work steps. Such as the block position of each step, and the number of bending sheets.
  • Choose the continuous operation gear. the down-press bending mechanism needs to be adjusted to the up-stroke switch level. Step down the foot, and the down-press bending mechanism automatically depresses. when the down-stroke switch is struck, the horizontal stop mechanism retreats to set a distance. and at the same time, it automatically protects the pressure. the holding time of the CNC sheet metal bending machine automatically relieves the pressure. From the time of depressurization to the down-press bending mechanism itself. Return to move, while the horizontal stopper mechanism automatically forwards to set the distance. hitting the trip switch, a bending action ends, and the next bending starts.
  • The bending times of the current step are completed, and the position of the horizontal shield is automatically adjusted. and the NC sheet metal bender enters the next step of bending action.


How much do you know about how to use a sheet metal bender in this way? For more CNC sheet metal fabrication services or press brake control of metal bending machines, please contact us for more updates.

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