What materials are often used for the blades of the shears

What materials are often used for the blades of the shears

Carbon-bonded tool steel, low-alloy tool steel, and alloy tool steel are commonly used materials for cutting blades of shears.


Carbon-bonded steel generally uses 65, 75 steel, T8, T10 and the heat treatment hardness of the blades is within the range of HRC57-59degrees, which is suitable for recycling and shearing of common low-carbon cold-rolled sheets, common A3 sheets, and scraps. This feature is low cost at a competitive price.



The low alloy tool steel blades are 6Crw2sI, Cr5, o, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, etc. The blade heat treatment hardness is within HRC58-62 degrees(for stainless steel), which is suitable for shearing hot-rolled, stainless steel with medium and thick thickness.


The alloy tool steel cutting blade materials include 4Cr5MoSiV1 (H13K), 7Cr7Mo2V2Si9 (LD), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (6542) H13, etc. The blade of this material is used for hot rolled steel, hot shearing medium, and thick steel plate, etc. This feature is high-temperature resistance, not easy to annealing, hot rolling, and hot shearing process in Tiangang Plant. Applicable to automobile, shipbuilding, electrical, engineering, rice, machinery industry, gold industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, machinery manufacturing all kinds of machinery industries.


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It has been several years in the history of the industry, the shears have become the common equipment in the machinery industry.

However, the Purchasing Dept often does not know how to choose a good and suitable blade for the shears. It is often considered that the better the material, the better the blade of the shearing machine. In fact, the shear bladed material used depends on the material of what the shearing machine work with. T 10, Cr5Mo, 9CrS I blade are suitable for cutting ordinary A3 low-carbon cold-rolled plate and waste recycling shearing, which is characterized by low cost and cheap price.

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The blade of 9CrSi is also suitable for cutting some harder sheets such as stainless steel. The blades of 6Crw2si and Cr12MoV shears are suitable for shearing hot-rolled, stainless steel, and medium and heavy plates. The blades of 4Cr5MoSiV1 (H13K), 7Cr7Mo2V2Si9 (LD), W6Mo5 Cr4V2 (6542) are suitable for high-speed and high-temperature thermal shearing.

The blade of the shearing machine is an important part of cutting with various metal materials.


The Shear Blade material quality and processing decide the use effect of the blade and service life and cutting effect 

The Material, processing, and heat treatment of the shearing blade determine the hardness and sharpness of the blade. Therefore, high-quality machine tools equipped with high-quality blades can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor, improving the cutting quality.

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Production process procedure:

Blanking – forging – tempering – Precisely processing – Inspection – quenching – annealing – tempering – Roughing – grinding – Inspection – package for dispatch.

Products are widely used in: mechanical and electrical, sheet metal, light industry, aviation, ships, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel construction, metallurgical industry shear various steel plates, stainless steel, copper, Lvboards, and non-metallic materials.

The suitable material can be selected according to the different conditions of the sheared object. It has the advantages of high tension resistance, wear resistance, and sharpness. It is an ideal shearing metal tool.

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The following steps should be followed when using the Cutting blade:

  • Strictly follow the operating rules.
  •  Smooth oil should be added on time, at a fixed point, and quantitatively according to the smooth chart before start-up. Oil should be clean and have no precipitation.
  • Check the blade clearance of the shears every time the machine starts.
  • Machine tools must always adhere to clean, unpainted local anti-rust grease.
  • The smooth ripple oil in the bearing of electric ideas should be changed and filled on schedule, and it is often reflected in whether the local tasks of electrical appliances can be normal, safe, and reliable.
  • Reflect on whether the triangular belt, handle, knob, and button can be damaged on schedule. If the wear and tear are severe, it should be replaced in real-time, and the spare parts should be added.
  • Reflect on repairing switch, blade insurance, and handle and guarantee its reliable task on schedule.
  • 10 minutes before the end of work every day, refuel the machine tool smoothly and scrub the clean machine tool.
  • It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. It is always necessary for people to leave the machine and stop.

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