How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably

How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably

Maintenance of sheet metal bending machines and use can not only improve work efficiency but also greatly increase the service life of industrial machinery. The key is to avoid safety accidents, Sheet Metal Bender Machine damage, and personal injury. More and more excellent metal plates factories realize the importance of sheet metal bending equipment maintenance.


To ensure the sheet bending machine working principle, we have strengthened the training of industrial metal bending machine repair and maintenance. We have common methods of maintenance or technical support for metal bending machinery. Welcome to share it with metal bending workers for self-learning.

1. Cleaning the lower surface of Hydraulic bending machines to ensure bending accuracy (quarterly);

Keep the working table clean, remove the upper and lower molds, wipe with a cloth, no oil pollution, and no yellow gown. As shown in the figure below, the surface of the lower die holder is clean and free of oil and foreign matter.

bending machine

2. Clean radiator to ensure the normal sheet bending metal machine working of the high pressure electrical cabinet (quarterly);

Clean the simple structure and exhaust fan of the distribution box once when the hydraulic CNC bending machine turns off the power. Clean the dust from inside to outside with an air gun to keep the heat dissipation in good condition.

How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably 1

3. Fastening of loosening sheet metal bending machine parts  (quarterly);

Inspect the movable bending machine parts every quarter. you can check if the pressing plate is loose.  The four locking nuts shown in the figure below need to be firm one by one.How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably 2

4. Check the X-axis synchronous belt (quarterly);

After long work, the synchronization belt will sometimes appear to be loosened. Please check and tighten it to keep the same industrial metal bending machine accuracy.

How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably 3

5. Tightening of internal components in distribution boxes (quarterly)

Each part of the screw tightening connection is firm;


6. refueling of sports parts (quarterly);

Operating method: The position of refueling is as shown in the figure, and the butter gun is used to aim at the refueling point to refuel until the screw rod or guide rail is stopped when the grease spills over.

How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably 4

7. Testing whether the grounding of industrial metal bending machinery is good (annual)

The grounding resistance of the machine tool is less than 1 ohm

8. Replacement of hydraulic oil and filter element every two years (yearly)

Remove the screw plug on the bottom outlet of the oil tank, drain the hydraulic oil, clean the tank. then re-inject the new hydraulic oil into the position of 2/3 of the oil level. through the air filter of the refueling port, and stop the slider at the upper dead point.

How to Maintain the Bending Machine Reasonably 5


9. Fuselage Flatness Test (Annual)

Place the level gauge on the working table under the manual metal bending machine. Make sure three positions on the left, middle and right. and measure the flatness not higher than 0.08, front and back flatness 0.02.

10. Straightness Testing of Hydraulic CNC Bending machine (Annual)

the straightness of the hydraulic CNC bending press is tested during the annual maintenance. Place the bending sample 3M on the test bench. Measure the clearance with a plug ruler, and make sure the value is less than or equal to 0.3mm.


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    I’m glad you talked about sheet metal bending machines and their maintenance needs! Recently, my uncle said he’s interested in investing in an industrial business! I believe any type of machine should get inspected and maintained regularly, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with my uncle! Thanks for the advice on keeping your equipment well-maintained to avoid any major accident!

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    My father is working on a project that requires him to use a hydraulic bender. I think it’s best to turn to a company that provides heavy construction equipment so he can get the best hydraulic bender to fit his needs. I should also share this post with him so he can get an idea of how to maintain them since you mentioned that the movable parts of machine tools must be checked every quarter.

    2022-02-04 at 08:38
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