What is a Press Brake

What is a Press Brake

Press Brake Machine is a common metalworking tool used in sheet metal industry. It is widely used in metalworking and fabrication for various applications, including metalworking, fabrication, and ornamental works. It is used for the bending process through Tonage force, molds, and specialized tools. This article discusses what a press brake is, how it works, different types, applications, and some additional considerations.


What is a press brake machine?

A press brake is a piece of machine used for bending sheet metal into various shapes. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching top tool and bottom die. According to machine design and specific application requirements, bending can be carried out through various driving forces with various bend angles, such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo-electric.


How Does a Press Brake Machine Work?

Press Brake machine is composed of a frame, hydraulic system, Hydraulic clamping system, and foot pedals. It uses electric motors to drive the hydraulic cylinders for air bending. The pressure is transmitted from the plunger to mold onto the metal plate. It forms the bends between the punch and dies with adjustable pressure. This Press Brake Tooling can be changeable according to various bending shapes.


What are the Types of Press Brakes?

According to the sheet metal bending profile accuracy required, There are different types of press brake types: Mechanical press brake, Hydraulic press brake, NC Press Brake, and CNC Press Brake.


Mechanical Press Brake

A mechanical press brake is a machine used for bending sheet metal, which applies force through a mechanical flywheel. It drives the flywheel through the electrical motor.  The mechanical Press Brake uses a flywheel and clutch mechanism to generate force for bending sheet metal. The operator operates the clutch to control the flywheel, and the crank drives the movement of other parts. The mechanical press brake operation is simple, and it can handle large tonnage bending.

Hydraulic Press Brake

A hydraulic press brake is a piece of equipment used for bending sheet metal and plates, which utilizes hydraulic force to apply pressure on the material, causing it to bend at a specific angle. The hydraulic press brake drives the ram movement with two synchronized hydraulic oil cylinders. Hydraulic press brakes are a significant upgrade from the mechanical press brake.

CNC Press Brake

A CNC press brake is a machine used for bending and forming sheet metal with precision and automation. It utilizes a punch and die to clamp and form the metal between them, allowing for accurate and repeatable bends with the assistance of CNC technology. The CNC technology enables automated control of the bending process, offering high precision and efficiency. CNC press brakes offer advantages such as faster speeds, better accuracy, and the ability to handle complex bending tasks.


What is press brake Dies?

Press brake dies consist of the upper punch and the bottom die. Only matched punches and dies working together on the metal plate can produce various shapes.


what is press brake

What are the benefits of Press Brake?

  • Improve productivity: The press brake can bend many metals at one time, which is more efficient and improves productivity.
  • Reduced material wastage: The press brake offers high accuracy and precision, which prevent waste of materials.
  • Complex forming: The press brake can form complicated muli angle parts with ease.
  • Automation: Modern Press brakes can be automated to increase productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce overall labor costs.

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