What Does A Press Brake Operator Do?

What Does A Press Brake Operator Do?

In recent years Most metalworking companies often hire press brake operator jobs for manufacturing metalworks. Operating and programming press brake for manufacturing tools or machine parts, and profile from sheet metal plates.

What is a Press Brake operator?

Brake Press operators are in charge of press brake operation and inspect the supply levels, check the final products to ensure they are of high quality, and ensure the smooth functioning of the workflow and maintenance.

 Most of the Press brake operator job descriptions include the Brake Press Operator’s responsibilities, duties, skills, education, qualifications, and experience.


Brake Press Operator job :

    1. Responsible for sheet metal bending work, proficient and accurate in bending operation techniques;
    2. Able to understand electrical equipment drawings and accurately select suitable molds;
    3. Adhere to the safety production process in the production workshop and carry out production work according to production standards.


What is Press Brake Operator Role?

The Press Brake operator’s role involves setting up the machines to form and shape metal components, and loading and unloading materials to and from the machines.


Press Brake Operator Duties and Responsibility

Read drawings from designers and engineers
Program your machine to fit the design
Measure the final product to ensure uniformity
Restock materials
Perform routine maintenance on the machine in the work area

 press brake operator working

Press Brake Safety operating procedure

1. Before starting up, the press brake punch and die should be cleaned and wiped clean.

2. Select an appropriate die according to sheet metal thickness, and the V die size is generally equal to or greater than 8 times the thickness of the sheet metal.

3. The bending force of the workpiece shall be calculated based on the bending force calculation formula, and the bending force shall not exceed 1000kn

4. When bending narrow plates, the working pressure of the system should be appropriately reduced to avoid damaging the mold

5. When adjusting the slider stroke, ensure that the adjustment amount is less than 100 to avoid damaging the machine

6. Before bending, the gap between the upper and lower molds should be adjusted evenly and uniformly

7. Check the oil level in the oil tank, start the oil pump, and check if there are any abnormalities in the hydraulic pipelines and oil pump

8. The bent sheet metal should be placed in the middle of the mold, and the machine should not be loaded on one side to avoid affecting the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine. If some workpieces need to be worked on one side, the maximum loading should not exceed 250kn, and both sides must be bent simultaneously

9. When bending, do not place your hands between the molds, and do not hold narrow and small materials with your hands. Only one piece of material can be bent at a time, and it is not allowed to operate press brakes with multiple pieces in sections at the same time.

10. After completing the homework, the oil pump should be turned off and the power should be cut off.


How to Become a Press Brake Operator?

Qualifications of education with relevant CNC programming knowledge

Brak Press operator training (press brake operator certification) working experiences

The responsibilities and duties of a press brake operator

Ability to maintain and repair machines in a time-sensitive environment.





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