How to Choose Bending Machine to Help Control Cost

How to Choose Bending Machine to Help Control Cost

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Bending machine is one of the key equipment in the processing operation. If it is not selected properly, it will not only affect the quality of the workpiece, but also make the processing cost rise continuously. This is what enterprises are unwilling to see. Therefore, all factors should be taken into account to find the most suitable hydraulic bender.

The first consideration is the workpiece to be processed. The aim is to control the cost by choosing a machine which can complete the processing task with the shortest worktable and the smallest tonnage. Secondly, it is necessary to check the material quality of the bending machine and the maximum processing thickness and length, which need not be too large. If there is a need for the forming of the bottom die in the process, it is suggested that 160 tonnage hydraulic bender be selected so as to complete the task.

How to Choose Bending Machine to Help Control Cost 2 bending profile

In addition, the length of parts is also very important for the determination of equipment specifications, because under the same load, the length of worktable and slider will directly affect the size of the deflection. That is to say, shorter machines need less gasket adjustment to produce qualified parts, which reduces part of the production cost.


When the workpiece is first processed by bending machine, besides confirming the processing drawings, the processing die, the bending sequence of the workpiece and the input of the program should also be considered to ensure that it can be effectively invoked in the next repeated processing. Otherwise, the operator needs to program again, which will consume a certain amount of preparation time and ultimately affect the production and processing efficiency of the bending machine.

It can be seen that the effective transmission of product processing information is very important for overall production efficiency. In order to prevent secondary repetition, it is necessary to use all relevant information in a bad way in combination. In this way, the actual processing efficiency of the bending machine can be improved without the need for technology, and the enterprise can obtain greater profits.

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