Hydraulic Press Introduction and Purpose

Hydraulic Press Introduction and Purpose

What is a Hydraulic Press? It adopts hydrostatic pressure to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder, and other products. It is often used to make pressing and forming processes, such as forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, pressing, and so on.


The principle of the Hydraulic press is to drive the machine by liquid pressure. There are two types of machines according to liquid pressure driving: Oil Press and Hydraulic press.




The total pressure produced by the hydraulic press is large, and it is often used for forging and stamping. The forging hydraulic press is divided into die forging hydraulic press and free forging hydraulic press. Die forging hydraulic press uses die, while free forging hydraulic press does not use die. The first 10,000-ton hydraulic press manufactured in China is a free forging press.

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According to the structure form, it can be divided into four-column type, single-column type (C type), horizontal type, vertical frame, universal hydraulic press, etc.

According to its use, it can be divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, blanking, powder (metal, non-metal) forming, pressing, extrusion, and so on.

Hot forging hydraulic press

A large forging hydraulic press is forging equipment that can complete all kinds of the free forging processes. It is one of the most widely used equipments in the forging industry. At present, there are 800T, 1600T, 2000T, 2500T, 3150T, 4000T, and 5000T forging hydraulic press series specifications.

Four-column hydraulic press

The press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. Such as powder product forming, plastic product forming, cold (hot) extrusion metal forming, sheet stretching and transverse pressing, bending, turning, correction, and other processes.

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Four-column press can be divided into four-column and two-beam hydraulic press, four-column and three-beam hydraulic press and four-column and four-beam hydraulic press.

Single-arm Hydraulic Press (Single-column Hydraulic Press)

Extensible working range, using three-sided space, lengthening hydraulic cylinder stroke (optional), maximum expansion 260 MM-800 mm, preset working pressure; hydraulic system heat dissipation device.

Gantry hydraulic press

It can assemble, disassemble, straighten, calender, stretch, bend and punch machine parts, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one machine. The worktable of the machine can move up and down, and the size expands the opening and closing height of the machine, so it is more convenient to use.

Double-column hydraulic press

This series of products are suitable for pressing, bending, and shaping various parts, indentation, flanging, punching and shallow stretching of small parts, forming of metal powder products, etc. It is controlled by an electric motor and has a point and semi-automatic cycle. It can keep the pressure and delay and has good slider orientation. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and economical and durable. According to the needs of users, thermal instruments, ejection cylinders, stroke digital displays, counting, and other functions can be added.


This equipment is especially suitable for the bending, forming, flanging, and other processes of the central load parts. The punching buffer device can also be used for punching and blanking processing. It is the preferred product in the shipping industry, pressure vessel industry, chemical industry, and other industries.

It can be used for stretching, turning, bending, and stamping of sheet metal parts. It can also be used for the general pressing process. It can add a punching buffer, punching, moving worktable, and other devices according to the user’s needs.

In addition to forging, the three-beam and four-column hydraulic press can also be used for rectification, pressing, packing, pressing, and pressing.

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It can also be used in the pressing process of axle parts, profile calibration, buckling, pressing, and assembling process, as well as the bending, debating, setting, stamping, sleeving, stretching, and plasticity material pressing process, such as stamping, bending, flanging and thin stretching. It can also be used in calibration, pressing, plastic products, and powder products pressing and forming. Because of its wide application, it is also called a universal hydraulic press.

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