Best Brake Press Dies for Sale

Best Brake Press Dies for Sale

Brake Press Dies for Sale

What is a brake Press die? Brake Press dies are often used to bend the metal sheet plate into specific shapes. Press brake dies mainly consist of the upper punch, bottom die, and tool holder. The bottom brake press tooling is known by the shape of the groove, the number of grooves, and the height of the die. The most common die shape is a V die,  a block of tooling steel with a V-shaped groove cut into it.


How do you choose a Press brake punch and die?

When choosing press brake punch and dies, Most of us hope to find the best brake press dies on the market. Here are some tips for selecting the press brake punch and die.

Best brake press dies for sale

Brake Press Dies Material
The type of metal and thickness will determine the brake die opening, bending radius, and bending angle. Different materials have different properties; some may be more malleable than others. For example, the tip radius of stainless steel or low-carbon steel should be about half of the material thickness.

Material type
High-quality Brake press dies materials include hardened steel, high-speed steel (HSS), and tungsten carbide.

Bend shape
The shape of the bend determines the punch and die to be used. For example, a Z-shaped bend requires two passes through a V-shape die, but only one passes through a Z-bend tooling.

Grain direction
Metals often have a grain direction. Bending parallel or perpendicular to this grain can affect the final result.


How do you select a V die opening for press brake bending?

Selecting the V-die opening uses what we call the rule of 8; that is, the V-die opening should be 8 times the material thickness. To determine this, multiply the material thickness by 8 and choose the closest available die.

Best Brake Press Dies for Sale 1

Best Brake Press Dies for sale to Lisbon- Portugal 

JSTMT manufacturer China 4 way Press Brake Die, and ship from Shanghai To Lisbon Port in Mar 2024

Multi V Die block, size: 120x120x3100mm(V=60,80,30,16,25,8,40,13mm 85o) solid Length

1 package, 270kgs   0.135M3,  BL# SDSE24020714    ETD:1st Mar 2024

Ocean Vessel: HMM ALGECIRAS V0014W


Conclusion:   You can DIY your homemade press brake dies, if you have any problems with the V opening or R angle for different materials, you can contact our Engineers about the dies for press brake.

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