What does a Ironworker do(jobs) and safety maintenance

What does a Ironworker do(jobs) and safety maintenance


What is an ironworker machine?

The Ironworker is a multi-functional sectional and sheet processing equipment. it can be widely used for metal structure proceed, warehouse racks, High voltage light Tower and communication towers, Advertise signboards, and Leaders.


The Main purpose is processing metal parts,  it has functions with cutting, punching, shearing, and bending.




Hydraulic Ironworker advantages:

  • It adopts a hydraulic-driven system, with reasonable machine structure, and low weight, low noise, it is convenient for operating with lover-loading protection
  • our Standard tools will be equipped with Shearing, Sectional Cutting(square, round, Channel, Joints, Equal angle). Notching and Punching(RD.SQ.RE.OB).
  • It can option with Different sizes for RD. SQ. RE. And special joints. Louver, multi-V bending tools.
  • our Standard 5 working station with double working oil tanks. it can work dependently without any extra adjustment.
  • options: CNC control can optimize the working efficiency for cutting and bending.
  • Our Machine adopts European proceeding technical, with a fully welded steel structure after heat treatment. which has high rigidity and high strength.



 Ironworker Maintenance:

  • Follow the correct steps to operate the machine as an operation manual. don’t touch machine causally.
  • Remember to lubricate the working parts with sediment-free lubrication oil from time to time.
  • Clean the machine surface timely, and make sure a good working environment around the machine.
  • Lubrication oil for the bearing should be timely changed. and power-circuit should be checked.
  • Tools should be inspected timely.  the power supply should be cut off before any inspection.


Hydraulic iron worker is High pressure required machine, hydraulic oil is one of the necessary parts actually. it acts many parts in the Hydraulic ironworker such as the Driven system, Lubrication, and cooling system. The temperature and viscosity of the hydraulic oil has a great connection to the machine’s working condition. 

What does a Ironworker do(jobs) and safety maintenance 1

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