Press Brake Tooling for Sale

Press Brake Tooling for Sale

What is press brake tooling?  Press brake tooling is a fabrication tool used for bending sheet metal plates in metalworking industry.

How does the press brake tooling work? when the hydraulic cylinder works to apply force to move the ram up and down. The sheet metal plates were held into a matched punch and die. It forms the predetermined bends with desired shapes and angles for simple and complex parts.


The press brake tooling includes the press brake dies and punches, die holders, and special forming tools.


Press Brake Punch:

  • Gooseneck press brake dies: it is usually used for Deep U profile bending with flangs.
  • Semi Gooseneck punch
  • Straight punch
  • Acute Punch

press brake tools

Press Brake Dies:

  • 4 way press brake Die block
  • 2V Die or single V Die

Hemming Tools

Press Brake Hem die is used to flatten, or First Create hemming bends with an Acute angle punch with 30 degree in the metal,then Place the acute bends metal plate under a flattening tool.


UAE shipment -China Press Brake Tooling for Sale

Press Brake Punch and Die sets, 3 Packages  258KGS,  0.1CBM

Vessel: Ever Steady  0166105W  Discharge port: Jebel, Ali


Press Brake Tooling for Sale

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