200 Square Bending Dies for Hydraulic Press

200 Square Bending Dies for Hydraulic Press

What is a bending dies for hydraulic press? Press Brake Bending Die is a tool used for hydraulic press brake to form sheet metal with various shapes. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

It has a complete line of sheet metal works with stage bending in segmented and full length. The segmented bending dies for hydraulic press have standard and custom 835mm and 415mm. It is flexible and grounded precision press brake tooling with high performance.



our shipment for 200 square Bending Dies for hydraulic press brakes to UAE:

Hydraulic press bending dies Package: 9 Packages,   0.3736M3, weight:  1129kgs

Shipment to Dubai, UAE, BL #AMIGL210298079A    ETD: 20th Jun 2021

Vessel: COSCO SHIPPING PLANET/014W   Container Number: 40HC/FFAU2417871/ GHL5665


Hydraulic Press Dies process 

The Hydraulic press dies consist of  Multi V die blocks . The press brake dies operator is process on the R angle on the production line

Bending Dies for hydraulic press brake with packages

Standard plywood package for domestic and overseas markets. Please contact us for the custom bottom and upper dies if you require.

200 Square Bending Dies for Hydraulic Press 1 200 Square Bending Dies for Hydraulic Press

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Comments (2)

  • Vasco Fernandes da Silva Reply

    Do you have Multive die 3.100 long for a Machine 300 Tons .
    square 140 x 140 mm .

    can you send the drawing available

    2022-01-25 at 00:10
    • jstmachine Reply

      Yes, Vasco Fernandes, we will email you in detail regarding the drawing.
      our contact email: sales@jstmt.com

      2022-01-27 at 07:49

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