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One of the top Cutting and Fold Bending Machine manufacturers in china, we offer manual and CNC sheet metal folding machines, cutting machines and dies. It’s used for sheet metal fabrication cutting, folding, stamping, and forming production lines. It is easy to operate and productive with precision bending.

We have a wide variety of fabric metal folding machines and forming machines. Sheet metal folding is a common sheet metal fabrication process. A press brake operates by gauging the flange and bending the sheet metal in desired shape. It forms metal bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. A gauging system with stop fingers positions the blank to the bend line. Such as press braking, short flanges, die bending, which is used to deform a material to a regular shape.

The Cutting and Fold Bending Machine have a full steel welded structure, which is more stable for long run life. we can provide you the best solution at a cost effective price for your CNC folding machine. and our engineers will ensure the operation properly for stainless steel machine working. If you are not sure of the tonnage force and bending process, or type of material, please contact for a metal folding press solution.


Mechanical Processing Equipment

JSTMT has been in Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry since 1985, with mechanical processing equipment: Multi-task Machine centers, Boring & Milling machines, and lathes facilities, our company delivers high-quality and reliable small break presses, shears, and CNC lathe machines. It can provide a one-stop solution for our sheet metal machinery and tools.


How It Works?


The Sheet Metal Machines have a faster, easier setup process, which can make Perfect bends at low costs.

Easy to program panel controls

Can fit with mechanical/hydraulic compensation

Custom Tooling


Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


FAQ- Frequently asked questions

Our warranty period for conventional machines is one year, while for special non-standard machines, we may offer a 2-3 year warranty. Please confirm the warranty period with our sales team in advance. During the warranty period, we offer free replacement parts.

How does the CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine Works? CNC bending machine for sheet metal is a kind of machine that can bend thin plates. Computer controlled CNC bending is a manufacturing process for CNC press brakes.

How Does the CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine Works

We have a variety of large processing equipment, such as tempering furnaces and shot blasting machines, to ensure the strength and stability of the frame.

To guarantee machine accuracy, we use five-axis machining centers and floor boring and milling equipment. Additionally, our machine processing, assembly, and quality inspection follow standardized processes, ensuring product quality is controlled throughout the production process.

We offer remote assistance from our mechanical engineers to resolve minor issues that may arise during the use of our machines. This includes one-to-one guidance, with the option of sending text instructions or videos to help you solve the problem. If any parts need to be replaced during the warranty period, we will provide them free of charge. However, you may also purchase the parts locally to save time. If remote guidance is insufficient to address more serious problems, we will arrange for engineers to provide on-site service. In regions where we have agents, we will contact them directly to provide service.

This issue commonly consists of two reasons:

  • The connecting screw and pipe connector are loose.
  • The seal is bad.


How to fix this issue:

The most common fixes to this issue are:

  • Tighten the screw and connecter.
  • Replace the seal.

Yes, after service covered including installation, commission, training at customers’ request. also we support online video installation guide if customer have problem .


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